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Welcome to our website. As the title indicates, we are an enterprise aiming to bring to the community of historical wargamers, and to military historians in general, books about warfare and life in general in 18th century Europe and the Americas. We would also like to print biographies of well-known generals, like Ferdinand of Brunswick, as well as studies of famous battles like Leuthen, Rossbach and Minden.

Our first product is the reprinting of “His Majesty’s Britannic Army in Germany during the Seven Years War” by Sir Reginald Savory. This tome covers the Western Campaign of a war that is more famous for its Eastern Campaign and Frederick the Great of Prussia. We have reprinted directly from a 1980 Athena copy with the addition of four detailed maps and a dustcover. This highly detailed work by Sir Reginald Savory is in English and is the best available source for this fascinating period. To buy a copy, click on the button to the left marked “Savory” and this will take you to a page where you will be able to order your own copy.

Our second project was the re-printing of the Greenwood & Ball SYW uniform guides, Prussia and Austria. For small booklets, they are crammed full of all you need to know about these armies and include colour plates and colour illustrations of flags. Errors made in the original 1970’s editions have been corrected and much new information has been included in both. The Austrian booklet, for example, now has information on the uniforms and flags of the War of the Austrian Succession as these were sometimes worn or carried right through the SYW. The new Prussian booklets lists names of Regimental commanders in 1756 as well as showing the composition of converged Grenadier battalions.

Our current project is to expand the G&B range and we have written the 3rd booklet, Russia, which will be available in March 2012.

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